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Industry 4.0 (concept)

Digital Twin 

A Digital Twin can be described as a digital replica of your building asset. This can be a cooling machine a heating system but also a office room like a meeting room. Kenter Engineering connects real time data from the assets with a 3D representation of the asset.The advantage for asset owners are the insights with real time data. With this data it can be predicted when an asset will possebily break so that uptime of the installation can be obtained by preventing this. Another profit can be aquired from the energy consumption of the asset. High energy costs will be reduced by achieving the optimal settings of your installation just by monitoring the obtained data.The data will be visualised in a structured and clear way on a dashboard.This data is easy to acces from a web environment on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 


The advantages of a Digital Twin of your asset can be described as:

Reduced Maintenance costs

Optimal coordination of the maintenace activities

Longer durability of the installation parts

Better performance of the building installations

Reduced downtime of the (critical) installations

Installations parts can actually be replaced before they fail.

Sustainable business operations

The data obtained from the installations can be analysed and monitored for an optimal setting of the installation in order to reduce energy consumption and thus reducing (high) energy costs.

Eco System of Digital Twins

There is a lot to win when youre a owner of a Digital twin in terms of business value. But this become even more when it is viewed in a broader perspective troughout multile buildings that are interconnected based on the Digital twin principle. This is also called an eco system of Digital twins. This article by BuildingSMART explains how this can be exploited.